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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Travel Alone:Single Travel:Tips for Going Solo

1) Lakshmi Sharath.

If you want or still planning for a vacation, Lakshmi Sharath will definitely be an inspiration for you. She started her journey as a media professional but then she was also a traveller, travel writer and a photographer.

2) Shivya Nath

Shining bright like a shooting star, Shivya Nath is all ready to set an example for all the travel buffs who love to explore the world. Shivya loves to lead a nomadic life exploring the different colours of the world. If you want to learn about new thing then you will have to test your capabilities and let go of yourself.

3) Venkat Ganesh

When it comes to a road trip on a bike I am sure Venkat Ganesh’s blog will leave your eyes wide open. Known for his amazing solo bike trip in 2011 that made him later quit his job, Venkat Ganesh is one hell of a rider. Anxious to learn about different places and people he started travelling on his bike.

4) Ankita Sinha

Love being a free bird and travel the world to her fullest, Ankita Sinha is creating a sensation among the travel freaks. She has a different way of jotting down her thoughts in her blog which make her very unique.

5) Ami Bhat

Also known as ‘Restless Ball of Energy’ and travel blogger by passion Ami Bhat wanted to to explore the adventurous self of her. Be it a weekend getaway or some thrilling trip, Ami never ceases to find the beauty in each of these places.


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